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CapeTown Trader was named after one of the world’s most beautiful cities. A favored destination of the international jetset, it has chic malls, elegant suburbs, and excellent restaurants. South African cuisine is imaginative and sophisticated, it draws heavily on the many cultures that have influenced South Africa: Malay, San, Dutch, Zulu, Indian, French, Tswana, British, and many more.

 We carry more than 300 specialty items ranging from gourmet nougat to rooibos tea, which is indigenous to South Africa and grown only in the mountains of Clanwilliam. We carry the most popular black tea in South Africa, a beloved brand of chutney, gourmet preserves from organically grown produce, and we also carry a fascinating range of textile art, handmade cards, and… well, why don’t you enter these pages and see for yourself?

  CapeTown Trader is for the homesick South African, the uitlander with a foot in the United States and a yearning for Mrs. Ball's Chutney, Marmite, Five Roses tea, Ouma rusks, Baker’s biscuits(cookies), biltong(dried meat similar to carpaccio), rooibos tea, droe wors(dried spicy sausage), Cadbury’s chocolates, your favorite spices, and soft handmade nougat.

Available in three flavors, Mrs. Ball’s chutney is excellent with curries, poached or grilled fish, roast meats, or as a condiment with cheese, Try the peach, I love it with Tilapia or chili chutney in a beef stew. The hot is not hot but rather tangy and works well with Chicken & rice dishes. 

Fynbos Fine Foods Chilli products have just arrived! Fynbos uses only the finest and freshest produce. NO preservatives, NO colorants, NO MSG or pectin (NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING). The chillies, pepper drops, peppers, tomatoes and, herbs are picked early in the morning from our greenhouses and fields and are then bottled in our kitchens under extremely hygienic conditions. 

Biltong is cured meat similar to carpaccio, and far more delicious than jerky.  The Dutch settlers who migrated to the hinterland and were called Voortrekkers use to hang strips of meat to dry from their oxwagons. Preparation involves applying vinegar to the best cuts of meat, then rubbing it with a mix of herbs, salts and spices. Our biltong and droe wors products are USDA approved. We sell them almost faster than we stock them – so that gives you an idea of how tasty they are.

   Ouma rusks are South African comfort food. Eaten dry or snack dipped into coffee or tea before being eaten, it is similar to a chunkier form of biscotti.  Try the Muesli or Buttermilk Rusks, or buy a range, you’ll find this is your favorite winter snack.


For those who love Nougat we encourage you to taste our Walters Handmade Nougat. Never hard, nor overly sweet and just right amount of nuts honey and berries.

 If you have a store or are a reseller please feel free to contact us for our extensive catalog & price sheets. With over 300 items we are sure you will find something unique and to your liking.

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